Sunday, May 29, 2011


On Friday 27 May, Kamiel Verschuren, together with Lucas Grandin, finished their days of hard work on the New Walk Ways in New Bell project. A SUD2010 project much appreciated by the people living in New Bell, including the 'chef', who took it upon him to make sure that people will gain more consciousness on how to deal with the garbage, in order to keep the sewer - and the drinking water - from being more and more poluted.

In clean sewers, the water can run freely causing less water to remain in the quarter. As a direct consequence of this less muskito's - causing Malaria - will choose the quarter as their habitat.
A second big advantage of sewers no longer clutted by garbage, is that the dirt and water that is poisened by plastic, will no longer enter the clean water sources during the rain season, when the dirty water starts moving through the streets and enters the clean sources.

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